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Serving Authentic Hawaiian Style Shave Ice to Rochester, MN!

Minnesnowii Shave Ice

Just like in the Twin Cities, Minnesnowii serves our delicious Shave Ice in Rochester, MN and the surrounding communities!

In forming our company, we combined our love for Hawaii and Minnesota, creating Minnesnowii Shave Ice. Our pride is serving Authentic Hawaiian Style Shave Ice — Just Like in Paradise. The flavors we offer are imported from Hawaii and use the best commercial block shavers to finely shave the ice.  It’s so soft that there is never a crunch from the first bite till the last. The end product is very light, fluffy, and flavorful! Don’t mistake shave ice with a sno-cone. There is a huge difference in texture. Please feel free to follow us as we will be serving numerous county fairs and festivals this summer! We would mention the most notable: the Minnesota State Fair; 12 days ending Labor Day, located in the West End Market.

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Authentic Hawaiian Style

All it takes is one bite for you to tell the difference between shave ice and a snow cone.


To start, we use commercial block shavers and solid blocks of ice made from filtered water.

Then we shave the ice finely into our signature flower cups.

After that we pour our premium flavorings made from fruit purees sourced from Hawaii and mixed with pure cane sugar over the top.

Finally, it’s served to you with a smile!

Finding Minnesnowii

To get the quickest updates of where we will be this summer follow us on social media!

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I was like; Bro, I didn’t come all the way to Hawaii for a snow cone. . . It was love at first bite!
Jason Giandalia

About Minnesnowii

Minnesnowii was created by Me, Jason Giandalia.

I was on a trip to Oahu and a friend invited me to get some shave ice. Honestly, I was like “Bro, I didn’t come all the way to Hawaii for a snow cone.” He was like: “Trust me, it’s different!” I trusted him and I am glad I did! We waited over an hour in line for my first cup in 85-degree weather.

This will sound cliche, but it was love at first bite! I asked my friends if we have anything like this back home and they all said no.


Bringing a Taste Of Paradise Home

I searched everywhere for that style of ice I had in Hawaii back home and was disappointed every single time. People were serving snow cones calling it shave ice. I got upset. At that point, I got passionate and obsessed about sharing a little piece of my Hawaiian experience with our community here in Minnesota.

Since then, I have made it my mission to bring the finest shave ice with the highest quality of ingredients all over our community here in Minnesota. I welcome you to join us at any fair or festival. In addition, I offer catering services for small and large gatherings.

Minnesnowii Shave Ice

1224 Eastgate Dr. SE UNIT 8337
Rochester, MN 55904

(952) 486-0079